Can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation on deploying via Oracle Weblogic ?

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Deployment of Formpider on a WebLogic Server contains two broad steps

  1. Creating a datasource in WebLogic
  2. Deploying Formspider Middletier Components

1. Creating a datasource in WebLogic

In order to create a datasource please click onto "Services=>Data Sources" link from the "Domain Structure" menu of WebLogic opening screen after login.

  • Then click onto "New" button and select "Generic Data Source".
  • Now input "Name", "JNDI Name" and "Database Type" parameters. "Name" parameter is not a significant value; you can enter any value as you wish. The "JNDI Name" parameter should be "jdbc/formspider_ds". Database is Oracler of course.
  • After click onto "Next", from new screen we should now select an Oracle Database Driver. For oracle instance connections, choose "Oracle's Driver (Thin XA) for Instance connections; Versions:9.0.1 and later". For oracle service connections, choose "Oracle's Driver (Thin XA) for Service connections; Versions:9.0.1 and later".
  • Then, we should enter Oracle Connection parameters, those of which are "Database Name", "Host Name", "Port", "Database User Name" ve "Password". Please enter these values according to your database and formspider install. Here "Database User Name" is Formspider schema name, and "Password" is Formspider schema password.
  • No the next screen , please click onto "Test Configuration" button and solve any issues before proceed next step if any.
  • Now click onto the name of newly created datasource. Switch to "Connection Pool" tab and "Advanced" section.
  • Change "Seconds to Trust an Idle Pool Connection" parameter to 0 (zero).
  • Mark "Wrap Data Types" checkbox as UNCHECKED.
  • Save your configuration.

2. Deploying Formspider Middletier Components

Please click onto "Deployments" link from "Domain Structure" menu of WebLogic. Use deployment with war file option and use the given formspider WAR file to deploy.



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