Q1. I have downloaded the zip files for both Formspider_1.8.1 and also Gitora_1.0.0. Unfortunately while unzipping, the software I use (WinZip) complains the files are invalid. I used reliable network while downloading.

I am wondering if anyone has similar issue with this or is it an issue with my system/software.

Q2. Do I have to install both of them (Formspider and Gitora) to use the version Control (I assume so). Is there any specific order that I have to do? I know how to install FormSpider, so is there a place we have the Gitora instructions (if it is plain simple click click, I am not expecting, however I thought I will ask in the same question).

Thank you, Viswa

asked 23 Jan '15, 14:16

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Hi Viswa,

Regarding q1: I did not hear this issue from anyone. Please try to re download the files.

Regarding q2: Formspider and Gitora are two separate products. You don't need Gitora to use version control in Formspider. Since you own Formspider, use Formspider version control for everything related to Formspidet applications and code. You can still use Gitora for PK/SQL code that is not related to any Formspider app which is in FS Version Control. Be careful not to put the same object in two version control systems at the same time.

Kind Regards,



answered 23 Jan '15, 14:54

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Yalim ♦♦
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Yalim - After trying to download on 3 different machines using 3 different network user accounts (and 3 browsers), one of them worked :) Though I expect the issue is on my end, not sure what the real issue is. I will update you later once I do this from home, thank you for the help.


answered 23 Jan '15, 17:21

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