I've been struggling to use a LOVFIELD in a datagrid. I want the datasource to store the ID (number) value, but the lovfield to show the name, both in the LOV pop up and the datagrid.

So, the column in the datagrid shows the name, when typing, the validation shows up the lov component with the name, but on the background, only the ID is stored.

I have tried every combination I can think of but I'm not getting there.

Thanks and regards

asked 21 Dec '14, 05:57

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Found solution. Use view as data source that combines the ID from the source table and the name from the lookup table. Make sure the name column is not updatable in the data source definition Create LOVFIELD in the datagrid with: value = ID column = NAME bindvariable = NAME(bind variable in LOV) LOV= name of LOV

This allows me to search on the name and the ID is stored in the source table.

Pretty textbook I'm sure but might help other beginners like me.



answered 22 Dec '14, 03:18

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in my case i had to set the name column to updateable in the datasource definition to get it to store the ID to source table


answered 07 Aug '15, 02:52

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