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I have a varchar2 type column in my database which contains a link to an image. When I go to a page, I want to show the image via the link. I made the following procedure for this task:


In the 'alPanel' panel there is an IMAGE component, whose url I want to change programmatically. <image name="IMAGE" url="asdf"/>

When I run the application, the image doesn't appear. This is the html source code of the generated page:

<.IMG id=IMAGE-alPanel class="bdf-visual-element bdf-component bdf-image x-border-panel " style="FONT-SIZE: 11px; TEXT-DECORATION: none; BORDER-TOP: medium none; HEIGHT: 224px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; WIDTH: 243px; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; FONT-WEIGHT: normal; COLOR: #202020; FONT-STYLE: normal; LEFT: 0px; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; TOP: 0px" src="%5Cr99999/Backup/IS12915.jpg">"

The backslash character gets replaced by %5C and the the link is broken. Probably the problem is that the backslash character is an escape character.

How can I solve this problem? Thanks, Dani

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Hi Dani,

There are couple of issues:

  1. Use / instead of .
  2. The default location that Tomcat will start looking is under the Formspider directory where the main.jsp file exists. Is the folder r99999 under the Formspider folder in Tomcat at the same level with main.jsp? If yes, the way you set the URL is correct. If it is not, then you should change URL you are setting. You can either give the full path (http://www.mywebsite.com/mypictures/r99999/Backup/IS12915.jpg) or go up one or more levels using the ../ syntax for going level up. (../../ for two levels and so on.) and continue using a relative path.
  3. Please note that only files that Tomcat allows public access can be referenced this way. Unless you made specific modifications these are all the files and folders under: [Your Tomcat Installation]/webapps/ .

Kind Regards,


answered 05 Dec '14, 09:20

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