I'm testing a nasty master - detail screen which has four(!) subdetails for the detail block. As long a I step down the master records (down arrow) slowly, erverything ist fine. However doing say, five fast key down events, has the master current row indicator sit on the correct, fifth line, but the details are off sync, showing incorrect records, waiting won't help!

Each detail has a "requery" button, that gets the relevant master's key, feeds it into the details bindvar and execute-queries the detail's datasource. Klicking that button doesn't correct the situation, hence the master datasource apparently didn't catch up.

This clearly sholud not happen.

the backend must record all keystroke and process EACH down-event completely, the user expects that.


Looks like a major bug! Check out the official online master detail grid demo:

  • Memorize the details for the topmost master in demo.
  • Position master rec down to say the tenth record.
  • Now hit up-arrow fast till you're at the first record,
  • notice how the displayed details are wrong?
  • do a slow down-arrow, up-arrow sequence and the details are correct again!

Maybe I and the master detail grid demo are doing something wrong, hopefully ! Otherwise that IS a show stopper I can't go productive with master detail panels loosing sync during keyboard navigation.

update: real time debugging via 5-sec timer and inserting into log table both show, that the datasource is positioned on another, earlier record than the grid is highlighting. It appears as if the grid's current line indicator can run away from the internal current datasource row if only one hits the up/down key fast. I'd say that bug needs an urgent fix..

Formspider UI must buffer all keystrokes: when the user decides she has to "go up three rows" she hits up-arrow three times (and they hit fast, trust me) ans wait for the system to process that "workload".

asked 02 Dec '14, 12:27

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Hi Paul,

I created a ticket and we'll take a look at this. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards, Yalim


answered 05 Dec '14, 03:37

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Yalim ♦♦
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Please do so, maybe that fix will find its way into the 1.9 release? That would be very great, many ORACLE-Forms users love to work - where ever possible - by keyboard only! Jumping between mouse pushing, data entry and further mouse pushing is a very inefficient way to get one's (repetitive work) done.

The example master-detail-details form I talked about earlier is the major restocking suggestion review form. The user looks at every item the system suggests for ordering and decides to follow that sugestion, reject it or modify it. In the ORACLE-Forms version that means down-arrow, checking suggested amount and the various detail panels, clearing / overtype the amoung and down-arrow to the next item. One hand on the numeric keypad is all they need.

For certian itme types they simple down-arrow over the suggestions (that's where the details would go out of sync in Formspider!)

(05 Dec '14, 05:54) dipr

Hi Yalim, any news on that nasty bug? Did you find the culprit, yet?

Still easily demonstrable with the online dome: http://formspideronline.com/formspider/main.html?name=DemoMain#DemoThreeLevelMasterDetailGrids - click into top city record - quickly step to the last row (Toronto) with die Down-arrow-KEY - notice the wrong detail for the current record "toronto"

That is a mayor issue!
As long as formspider can't do correct master detail with keyboard it's not ready for production usage, especially for an environment that is using Forms for 2 decades now.


answered 23 May '15, 15:07

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Hi Peter,

Yes this issue is fixed in version 1.9.

Regarding the demos; I'll see if we can deploy this fix to our cloud deployment.

Thanks for the heads up.

Kind Regards, Yalim

(25 May '15, 10:41) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Yipee! That is good news! No current need for a backport as of yet. Migrating the Webshop from selfcoded htp to Formspider will happen in Fall or Winter 2015.


(26 May '15, 03:51) dipr
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