the online desktop demo runs fine on apple iPad

however the mobile demo stops on the main screen (the one with the four main functions):

  • Safari 8.0(?) show the arrows on the very right to be tapped, but nothing else changes, bottom options are missing at all, not even the "new" buttom appears to work
  • Chrome reacts by clearing the display w/o further interactiopn possible, but the new buttom does work

How well does formspider run on tablets, especially the ubiquitious iPad?

edit: the only mobile envorionment where the "mobile demo" actually runs fine is the genuine Android browser on my Samsung S4. It does not run in Firefox for Android on the same phone. I hope that I'm doing something wrong, otherwise that's a serious issue, that acclaimed "True Cross Browser Compatibility" seems to still be lacking somewhat..

Summary of recent testing:

Search, New and the four bottom buttons only work as long as one didn't tap one of the four list items on the main screen. (sometimes only "Search" and "New" are w/o function after tapping a list icon and the four bottom buttons still take you to their screens)

That effect is reproduceable like this: log in to mobile demo, tap "new" (new request appears), tap "Default" (top left) main screen appears, "new" -> "new request", "Default" -> back to main, BUT as soon as I tap any main screen list icon like "open service request" (-> no reaction), "new" and all other buttons stopped working. The same is true for Safari on iPad, and I don't know why the four bottom buttons all of a sudden did show up.

asked 25 Nov '14, 16:51

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Hi Paul,

The FS Mobile Beta 2 is getting old. We have not been maintaining it like we've been maintaining FS Desktop. At this point it needs some maintenance to keep up with the updates that have been made to browsers. We are thinking about what we will do about this.

Kind Regards,


answered 26 Nov '14, 15:18

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Okay. That would be greatly appreciated, customers increasingly want their company software on their pads. So I better be careful presenting anything using the current formspider version on an iPad :)

(26 Nov '14, 15:53) dipr
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