Hi Formspider Team,

Back from holidays, so i want to upgrade my 1.0 installation to 1.1 and get busy again :) What i want to ask is what is the easiest / best way to upgrade the Database and Middle tier components? Any guidelines/best practices on that?

Thanks, Michiel

asked 06 Aug '12, 11:19

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Michiel A
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Hi Michiel,

We will prepare upgrade scripts on next week.

It is also possible to move the applications from 1.0 to 1.1 with IDE export/import tool. It requires 2 database with Formspider 1.0 and 1.1 installed.


answered 06 Aug '12, 23:18

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Ugur Kocak ♦
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Hi Ugur,

OK, thanks, but how is everybody else doing it at this moment? Do they just create a new DB schema for a new release and change the Application Datasource schema to the new one, and then import the Application export XML file? And the same for the midtier: create a new one, manually transfer the added / changed files (like CSS and icon images etc) to new new midtier instance, and after all is in sync, change the ports for the new instance?

(07 Aug '12, 06:02) Michiel A

Hi Michiel,

The easiest way to upgrade is the update patch. It consists of database scripts and middle tier war file. Database scripts are run in the current Formspider schema, so you don't need to do anything with the existing Formspider Applications and Application Datasource schema. War file is deployed to the middle tier, so you will need to put your CSS and icon files into the new deployment.

(08 Aug '12, 01:34) Ugur Kocak ♦

In the second way, Formspider new release is installed to different database and middle tier instances. So you need to move your Formspider application, application Datasource schema and middle tier CSS/icon files. If you are able to move/clone your development environment easily (if you are using virtual servers), this way may be preferable.

(08 Aug '12, 01:34) Ugur Kocak ♦
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