I'd like to signal the enduser certaint conditions by changing field background color. (reddish = do somethign about it, greenish = all done, no attention necessary...)

But die Grid's active row background color wins. So only above and below the current row my indicator color is visible.

in good ole forms there were three "levels" of coloring precedence:

1 default color at design time (slightly green = editable, slightly red/pinkish = readonly), aka default visual attribute (stored for each item!)

2 then came - only if requested for a certain "grid" - the current record indicator color (one for all columns)

3 but any color set by set_item_atribute would win over 2 or 1 (perfect status indicator, still visible in current row)

Can I do something in formspider, too?

Bonus question:

I tried very hard in Oracle Forms to change the background color of the "item with keyboard focus" in a per/post/when-new-item-instance automatic fashion, but eventually gave up. With the demise of the blinking block cursor some decades ago, users do have a very hard time finding the field they (accidentally) are typing to (searching for the one pixel wide hairline cursor on HD screens thanks to ubiquitious proprotional fonts).

How about providing an application wide "focus field background color" ? (or even better an x pixel wide frame outside(!) of the "current fields'" edges)

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If you are still working with Oracle Forms, here is a code I use for changing the color of the "item with keyboard focus" or mouse focus. The procedure is called from when-new-item-instance. All variables starting with frm_trg.g_ are package variables present in frm_trg package specification. The code:

PROCEDURE item_selected_color IS
   l_trg_item VARCHAR2(100) := name_in('system.trigger_item');
   --==start - item selecton color
   frm_trg.g_item_id             := FIND_ITEM(frm_trg.g_item_inst_trg_new);
   IF NOT ID_NULL(frm_trg.g_item_id) THEN
      SET_ITEM_INSTANCE_PROPERTY(frm_trg.g_item_id, frm_trg.g_last_record, visual_attribute, frm_trg.g_item_inst_va_old);
   END IF;
   frm_trg.g_item_inst_va_old    := GET_ITEM_INSTANCE_PROPERTY(l_trg_item, current_record, visual_attribute);
   SET_ITEM_INSTANCE_PROPERTY(l_trg_item, current_record, visual_attribute, 'ITEM_INST_VA');
   frm_trg.g_last_record         := NAME_IN('system.trigger_record');
   frm_trg.g_item_inst_trg_new   := l_trg_item;
--==end - item selecton color

As for bringing the same functionality to formspider you need to use CSS. I have done it once. But when I reinstalled a new formspider version I lost my settings. I tried to do it again but lost patience and left it. I asked formspider QA for assistance. They just ignored me.

However, if you figure out how to do it, kindly post it here for the benefit of every body.



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Thx for the forms code, and YES please do post the CSS section that colores and "decolores" the focus item, that would be great!

(24 Nov '14, 05:41) dipr
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