given: tomcat on server A, ORACLE db on server B, sid test1, everything ok.

Goal: instead of instance test1 I want to connect to instance test2, still on server B

What I tried:

  • install formspider DB parts (first two options of installer) into instance test2. formspider account and formspider tablespace_name are identical. Install ends with success message.
  • edit conf/Catalina/localhost/formspider.xml replace sid in JDBC url
  • bounce tomcat

Result: IDE doesn't ask for credentials, error pops up instead, logs/catalina.out says: ... INFO: Server startup in 2375 ms java.lang.NullPointerException

(note: switching back to old sid, bounce tomcat, and all is well again)

What did I do wrong? What's the correct process of switching jdbc destination?

asked 19 Nov '14, 06:40

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Hi dipr,

First of all we generally don't modify files under conf/Catalina folder because of they being maintained by Tomcat automatically. To change any of the database connection parameters of a Formspider instance please use webapps/formspider/META-INF/context.xml file.


  • We recommend stopping tomcat and then making the changes.
  • Do not forget to install Formspider IDE components besides DB components if you're willing to use Formspider as a development platform.
  • You can remove conf/Catalina and work/ folders under Tomcat root directory to make a fresh start unless you have any other specific configuration there. (after stopping tomcat)



answered 19 Nov '14, 07:38

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Serdar ♦♦
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I'm, in the process of redeploying formspider to tomcat, but while pondering what might have gone wrong I noticed that I forgot to make sure the formspider schema ownner's password is identical in both instances. I presume the formspider tomcat part somehow stores the formspider oracle password. Pointing to jdbc to an identical schema, albeit with different password had to fail. The Formspider IDE account and password are different from the Db accounts values, but are the only credentials one repeatedly is entering.

Guys out there note down all three credential need to install: ORACLE user/passwd IDE user/passwd tomcat user/passwd

(19 Nov '14, 10:24) dipr

Thanks for the response. Suggestion for future release: how about exposing the ORA-01017 error message, your customer group will be well aware of what to do then ;)

Hiding underlying real error messages by displaying "ooops, call your admin" is Microsoft style, not worth copying.


answered 19 Nov '14, 10:28

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