currently v$session "module", "action" and "client_info" (each varchar2(64) ) are, umm.. left unused: module always contains "Jdbc thins client", action and client info are NULL

I'd like to suggest make formspider

  • offer an application parameter client_info, controlled by the developer, changaable at runtime via "api_application.setclientinfo"
  • at runtime automatically set module to "application_name" - "datasource_schema"
  • at runtime automatically set action to "panel_name" - "event_name"

That way existing profiling tools like ORACLE Enterprise Manager immediately could help the admins to pin point ressource usage down to panel and event, even in a multi-homed app running in different schemas!

Advantage #1

When the developer additionally stores the logical "logged in user" inside_client info any legacy db triggers easily could continue to protocol username (via client_info instead of "username") with minimal trigger tweaking.

Advantage #2

Currently the operator is effectively blind, as every session belongs to "formspider" and the oracle provided module, action and client_info values are empty. Very hard to find hot spots in an application in such environment.


Sholud be a piece of cake for the formspider team to do two calls to dbms__application__info before having the DB do their work.

desc dbms_application_info
 Argument Name                  Type                    In/Out Default?
 ------------------------------ ----------------------- ------ --------
 CLIENT_INFO                    VARCHAR2                IN

 Argument Name                  Type                    In/Out Default?
 ------------------------------ ----------------------- ------ --------
 MODULE_NAME                    VARCHAR2                IN
 ACTION_NAME                    VARCHAR2                IN

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Hi Paul,

This sounds like a very good idea. I opened a ticket for this feature request. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,


answered 16 Nov '14, 15:56

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