Is there a place where I can inspect the evetns and components they apply to, together with their firing cause and sequence?

I had some weird non-firing situations (tabbed panel) where I apparantly expected tab-changed to fire but formspider ruled otherwise.

The API Document for package api_event, is umm.. rather emtpy, information wise.

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Hi Paul,

No, I think we lack that piece of information. If you can be more specific about the issue you are having with tabs, I can help. You probably already noticed that you can find out which component has which events by typing it to the XML Editor. The editor only shows the relevant events for a component.

Formspider events are usually client side events. For example, if you have a valueChanged event defined in a component, it will not fire if you set the value via the setValue API. There are a few server side events. I can think of only Pre-Query and Post-Query events for datasources and the post-initialize events as examples.

The events also usually don't bubble up. There is no high level valueChange event that captures every valueChange event firing in the application. There are a few exceptions to this though. For example key events do bubble up.

We tried to make order of execution as simple and as clear as possible in Formspider. Since most events are user events, code doesn't branch out and jump around in Formspider. The flow is virtually always:

  1. User does something which triggers an event.

  2. The event causes an action to execute.

  3. The PL/SQL procedure associated the the action runs.
  4. After procedure finishes executing, the control is given back to the user.

Datasource Pre-Query, Post-query events and panel post-initialize events are exceptions. The code does branch out and jump to other procedures which makes it hard to follow the flow. But these events are extremely rare. I personally don't use the pre-query, post-query events at all. The post-init panel is usually useful when you have an external authorization repository. Formspider has its own one now, so that event is also needed much less, if ever.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 13 Nov '14, 07:53

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