I'm searching for two things:

A) How can I tell formspider "runtime" (tomcat?) to NOT share JDBC Sessions?

I'd like to define (per application property let's say "jdbc-sharing=N") if an Application needs a "private" ORACLE Session (one ORACLE Sid for all DB traffic) per formspider app instance. I fear that this might by a "feature" of newer ORACLE_JDBC drivers, proudly doing this "transparently", but I hope one could switch to dedicated connections, somewhow. Mind you, reusing JDBC connections is perfect for public webservices, but it breaks PL/SQL session concept in for other app types. Not the most elegant feature of a PL/SQL centric framework. I do like to avoid having to recode every PL/SQL package variable into a formspider session var when migrating to formspider.

B) Is there an "initial event" per user action, one that fires before any ohter jdbc-interaction?

Assume the user ist scrolling, tabbing thru my app, and then he does something that requires formspider to talk to the database, currently picking what ever jdbc-session might be "free".
I'd need an event that fires BEFORE any other event necessitatd by the user interaction.
That way I could restore my PL/SQL session state, except for server side cursors. Of course a matching "this is the end of interaction"-event would be very cool, too. (for round trip timing etc) These "framing" events sholud be triggered for every database round trip (consisting of multiple statements) only once.

I tried to achive option A) by tampering with tomcats jdbc-related xml (+bouncing tomcat) but that didn't help formspider is always cycling through the preallocated ORACLE SIDs.


asked 12 Nov '14, 09:10

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Hi Paul,

We are working on a stateful version of Formspider. This is going to be a feature available in the next version Formspider ( version 1.9) which I suspect should be released in the first quarter of 2015. So I'd suggest you to wait a few months.

The Pre Apply Delta event on the application (Edit Current Application Dialog --> events tab) fires before anything else is done. Similarly, the Post Invoke Application event (terrible terrible name, I know) fires after everything is completed.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 12 Nov '14, 09:51

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hi Yalim, how is the stateful version for Formspider comming along?

Hopefully it is still part of 1.9, got any estimated date of release of 1.9? Or even a preview of new features to look forward in 1.9?

keep up the good work Paul

(23 May '15, 14:54) dipr

Hi Paul,

Great to hear from you. The stateful feature is completed. One of our professional support customer is already using it. It will be part of 1.9 which will be released this summer. We have completed two more features for 1.9:

  • Dynamic where clause predicates in Datasource definitions Right now developers enter one SQL to a datasource definition and that's it. They can change the entire SQL but there is no easy way to modify the where clause dynamically. For example if you have 20 search fields and only 3 of them have value there is no easy way to include just those 3 predicates to the SQL to optimise performance. The next version will make this very easy.

  • Oracle RowID support Datasource definitions will support ROWID as the primary key. Some data models use multi column primary keys and so far Formspider only supported single column primary keys. Starting 1.9 Formspider will support ROWID as a valid primary key and solve the multi column pk issue.

Now, we are working on a new look and feel for Formspider. Once that's finished, we'll release 1.9.

Kind Regards,

(25 May '15, 03:10) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Exquisite, both answers! I'll try the "Pre Apply Delta" + "Post Invoke Application" combo while you guys do the stateful development.


answered 12 Nov '14, 10:08

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