How does licensing works ? Do you have OEM licensing Model ?


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We only ask our users to purchase a commercial license if they use Formspider in production. The price of the license changes depending on the database edition you install Formspider. For Standard Edition One, the commercial license costs $995. For Standard Edition it costs $2995 and for Enterprise Edition $9995. Each license comes with 1 year of upgrades included. From that point on 1 year support costs 30% of the license price. There may be a 3% 4% modest increase each year due to inflation etc...

We do offer OEM licencing, as well. It's hard to put a price tag on OEM licensing since the product based on Formspider might use a different licencing model than what we listed. We are easy to work with though. We'll do what's fair for both sides.

P.S.: I sent you an email containing links to applications built with Formspider. Did you receive it?

Best, Yalim


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Thank you, I receiving links for Applications built with Formspider


(01 Aug '12, 13:46) PVision2020

Hello, Is there a price for runing Formspider on Oracle 10g/11g XE, even in production?

Thank you, Ciprian


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Hi Ciprian,

For Oracle XE, we use the same license price as in Standard Edition One which is 2900.

Kind Regards, Yalim


answered 14 Feb '13, 09:20

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Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦
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