Hi guys,

I just noticed the Windows install file jumped in size by 3x and more? If I look at 1.6 version the FS jar file was only 47Mb. Windows installer was even smaller, if remember well.

When I click on download my browser is reporting about 180Mb zip in size? Is that true? Tried 2 times but got the corrupted zip.



asked 28 Oct '14, 07:31

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Hi Dean,

Man, nothing gets by our users.:-). Yes it is correct that the install file size increased by a lot. The reason for this is the Git integration in the latest version. We ship Git with the installer. This provides a smooth installation experience for our users and customers but the side effect is that the installer size is not something like 180MB or so.

I am not sure why you are getting a corrupted zip. I'll try on my end now and update the post. What happened is that Amazon did some maintenance on our servers and rebooted them. This changed the host name which in turn brought our database down. Maybe this update also corrupted the zip file.

Kind Regards,


answered 28 Oct '14, 07:59

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Dean,

I just downloaded both the jar file and the zip file and unzipped them. They worked fine for me. I don't think they are corrupted.

Kind Regards,

(28 Oct '14, 08:46) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Hi Yalim thanks. Will try again. Regards Dean


answered 28 Oct '14, 12:18

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