Hi all,

Yesterday i showed my first application to a few users. In order to requery the records, they all "automatically" clicked the refresh button of the browser. Then i discovered that by doing this, the session is always lost. In the "post open" i checked the session variables and they were all NULL.

Is it possible to preserve the session? Why does Formspider always starts a new session?

The background of this. I start the application with the single sign on mechanism "E-Business Suite & Formspider Integration" with the token and some additional user data. That works perfectly. After the startup, i save all user data in session variables and delete the record with the token.

That token remains in the URL forever... So, when the user refreshes the browser, the token is not found offcourse. In that case i want to read the session variables. When they are NULL, the application should stop and otherwise the user can proceed. But by testing this, i noticed that after every refresh, all session variables were NULL.

I can probably solve this problem by NOT deleting the record. But that leads to a possible security breach, because hackers could tackle the token from the network and login to the application. I do not know a way to prevent this. The client ip-address can not be used, because for mobile users that might change all the time. The only solution i can think of is to store the session variables in a cookie following the example "How to use External Method". But session variables exist only to prevent cookies. So i think there must be something else to preserve the session. I hope there is.

Kind regards, Jan Willem Vermeer

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Hi Yalim,

i have checked the session cookie in the browser and that has always the same value. So, for some reason all session variables are being destroyed when refreshing the screen (or just close the browser tab where formspider is running). That's odd because the session id stays the same, even when i re-open the application. Is this perhaps a setting?

Kind regards, Jan Willem


answered 28 Oct '14, 17:19

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Hi Jan,

Formspider applications restart when the user refreshes the browser. The behavior is the same as opening a browser tab and entering the URL of the application. Formspider applications are single page AJAX applications. So refreshing does not "query" anything. The application is not built in the page paradigm. So even if we kept the state of the app in a browser refresh, the records would not be updated.

This is simply a user training issue. If you tell them that they are working in an actual application not in a web page, and think of this like a desktop application, they get use to it pretty quickly.

Moreover, you can prevent them from refreshing the browser by mistake by entering a warning message. Click the Edit Current Application button in the IDE. Go to the Browser Settings tab and enter an Application Unload Message. Once you enter a value and run an application, it will show your message and ask the user whether he really wants to reload the browser tab.

Kind Regards,


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Hello Yalim,

sorry, but this time i do not agree with this.

Users are customed to click Refresh to update data in the browser. That's the behaviour of all websites and also all our other applications. Most of the users will never understand the difference between an application or a normal webpage and i think that they should not care about this.

I have implemented your work-around with the unload message.

Kind regards, Jan Willem


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Is there something new about this issue?

Regards, Edward


answered 04 Jul '16, 03:35

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Hi Edward, that's not easy to say for me.

In the past 6 months we have developed a "native app" for my solution PLANMYSPORT. That app can be downloaded from the apple istore and google play AND it can be executed in any modern browsers with www.planmysportapp.com.

In the app as well as the browser version, users only have to LOGIN ONCE and their authentication is saved. So they can restart the apps or refresh the browser as many times as they wish and they always stay logged in.

So, the answer seems to be YES.

However, we use formspider MOBILE for the app in a beta version and i do not know if similar techniques are available in the current production version of formspider. The formspider team can answer this best.

Kind regards, Jan Willem

PS. The possibilities of formspider mobile are incredible!


answered 04 Jul '16, 03:54

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