i have created a session variable as follows: api_session.add('operator_name',XXXXXX);

This is working because api_application.showpopupmessage('Operator='||api_session.getvaluetx('operator_name')); is showing the correct value.

However, i want to show it on a panel...

So, i created a datasource SHOW_OPERATOR_NAME1 with this query: select api_session.getvaluetx('operator_name') operator_name from dual

And this panel: <panel> <borderlayout> <cell docking="North"> <grid datasource="SHOW_OPERATOR_NAME1"> <column headerlabel="Operator"> <textlabel column="OPERATOR_NAME"> </textlabel> </column> </grid> </cell> </borderlayout> </panel>

When i run this, the session value (operator) is not shown. Also, i just want a prompt "Operator" and after that prompt the contents.

What am i doing wrong?

How can i just display a prompt with one column value?

Kind regards, Jan Willem

asked 24 Oct '14, 10:06

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Jan Willem V...
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Hi, i hope anyone knows the answer.

In my application i want to display the current user, his/her roles and some more data in the header of the forms. This information is available in session variables. Or is there another way to show session variables in textfields or so?

Jan Willem


answered 26 Oct '14, 10:34

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Jan Willem V...
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Hi Jan,

What you have done should work in principle. I guess there must be a problem in the order of steps you are following. Try to call api_datasource.executeQuery('SHOW_OPERATOR_NAME1'); after you set the session variable to a value.

Kind Regards,


answered 27 Oct '14, 09:23

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

this indeed solves the problem. That means that the application "Post Open" is executed AFTER running the queries. That is strange, because in the postLogin i would expect settings that could influence the queries. Or should i use the "Pre Open"? Or the "Post Invoke Application"? Can you explain when these events are executed exactly?

Kind regards, Jan Willem


answered 28 Oct '14, 02:41

Jan%20Willem%20Vermeer's gravatar image

Jan Willem V...
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