Hi folks,

is it possible do define a field's mask through domain?

Eg. for numbers: 1000000 => 1.000.000 ?; for phone: +43123456789 => (+43) 123 456 789 ?

Thansks, Tomas

asked 22 Jul '12, 07:00

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For numbers, you can use numberMask attribute of textField. "#,###" would work for your case. If you want to use dots instead of commas as thousand seperator, you should define a language for your app in IDE with thousand & decimal seperators are set to "." and ",".

For phone numbers, you can use formattedField with format="(+##) ### ### ###" but keep in mind that it only accepts values in correct format. So setting its value to +43123456789 will not work.

If you are asking for different formatting bahaviours for the same component, than its not possible.


answered 23 Jul '12, 02:45

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oskansavli ♦♦
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Adding a mask format field to domain would be a nice feature. If it's possible, please add add it in one of your next releases.


answered 16 Sep '12, 12:23

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Hi. How can I set a space(' ') instead of a comma(',')?

For example, 1000000 => 1 000 000

In your blog you wrote about DecimalFormat.js. Whether it is possible to use it as?


answered 22 Apr '14, 04:05

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