I am trying to put 5 checkbox component on the panel. Which is fine. But when I pre-view it, FS groups them as radiobuttons i.e. you can only select one :(

I would like to achieve normal behavior of "check box" and select 2,3.. of them at the same time.

how I can achieve this?

Thanks, Khalid

PS, I am a newbie in FS and might not know some of the basics of this. Perhaps, "partially" due to lack of documentation or it's in-existence altogether!

asked 05 Oct '14, 20:23

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Hi Khalid,

Yes, indeed there is a bug in the previewer which causes the checkboxes to work like radiobuttons. But that's just the previewer. When you actually run your application the checkboxes behave normally.

The comment on lack of documentation is noted. We are going to do something about it. We are a small team and we were focused on delivering the functionality first. Now that Formspider is quite mature, I think it is time to write some more documentation.

For what it is worth, we've got a decent API documentation at : http://theformspider.com/API/index.html We've got over 50 tutorials at : http://theformspider.com/learningcenter/ We also have a reference application with source code at: http://theformspider.com/learningcenter/formspider-reference-application/ . Please note that the reference applications shows how to work with an external security repository not the built-in security repository.

I know this is not enough but I hope it is better than nothing. We'll do more.

Thank you for trying Formspider.

Kind Regards,


answered 06 Oct '14, 01:42

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