I have studied the Tutorial E-Business Suite & Formspider Integration. Offcourse the EBS is totally different than Oracle Portal, but do you think that the technique with the “token” will also work with Oracle Portal? I will need the Portal username as a session variable in the Formspider application. With that username I can select the roles the user has and the roles determine which rows he can see.

I am wondering… in my current plsql programs I call Portal API’s to get the current user, session etc. Would it be possible to login automatically to Formspider and then call a procedure with the URL in the Portal domain (so that call is in the same session) to get the user?

Offcourse single sign on would be fine, but if the procedure returns “no user found”, then I could also display an error message “first login to portal”. If you think that’s possible, the questions are:

1) How can I login automatically?

2) Could I fire a trigger like “when-starting-form” or so to get the user?

3) What’s the easiest way to test this?

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Hi, i have figured this out myself :)

First i noticed was that applications don't need a login by default. In the IDE i have to login and i thought that this user was also necessary to run the application. However, when i ran the application in another browser, it suddenly worked. Strange... Now i know this, i would have expected an alert somewhere to warn me about this. "be aware that this application can be used without logging in" or so.

Next i have followed the EBS concept, so in Portal i store the user and a token in a table and in the postOpen procedure of the application i read that token and select the corresponding user. That user is being stored in a session variable.

At last i have created a view with something like "user = session-variable.user", so a user can only see the records he is allowed to.


answered 29 Sep '14, 03:14

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