How do I handle the error :e_concurrencyViolation ? On the panel I have grid like this :

<grid dataSource="TEST">
    <column headerLabel="Rgv ID">
      <textField column="RGV_ID" editable="N"/>
    <column headerLabel="RGV_SOMETHING">
      <checkBox column="RGV_SOMETHING" checkedValue="Y" uncheckedValue="N" />
    <column headerLabel="Rgv CC">
      <textField column="RGV_CC" editable="N"/>
Datasource TEST have concurrency column RGV_CC.

If i try editing record with other form (dialogbox) and before close make doCommit. I know what this record is changed by another user. But checkbox action for user must be fast (just setting one attribute). I want change records directly on the grid and later make doCommit. On action doCommit i get error e_concurrencyViolation, but i can't get rowid or pk of records, to inform user what record is chnaged. If I get rowid or pk, I even can refresh row for user with api_datasource.refreshrowby.... For me something like api_datasource.getrequiredcolumnviolations

How should I do in this situation ?


asked 23 Sep '14, 04:49

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Hi AlfAbetas,

This is a bug in Formspider. Currently, there is no way to find out which row raised this exception. The only way you can know this is to have the user edit a single row in a dialog.

I created a ticket for this issue in our bug tracking system.

Kind Regards,


answered 25 Sep '14, 06:10

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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