Dear Yalim,

I'm still waiting new features from FS next release such as GUI Designer, template based development support and every thing to accelerate in process development time, at this release we still write much tags on new panel. So approximately when these features are provided ?

Warm Regards,


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HI Ricky,

We continue to deliver the features we declared on our roadmap. So far we delivered team development and then upgraded ut to version control as stated on the roadmap. We also delivered infinite scroll for grids which is in the roadmap.

We made a detour from the roadmap and delivered a security repository because we decided that it is a key feature to build business applications. In hindsight, we should have included security repository to the road map.

Next target is to deliver a GUI designer. We are already working on it. We intend to deliver it in 2015.

After GUI designer is delivered, we will focus on improved reusability, be it templates, libraries etc...

As stated in the roadmap, we continue to add features requested by our professional support customers, too. In our next versions you will see these new features in Formspider. We will also refresh the default look and feel of Formspider.

The only problem I see is that we will most likely will not be able to complete the roadmap in 2014 as originally stated in the blog post. That's a mistake on my part. I should have been more conservative with my estimates. I'll update the blog post.

Kind Regards,


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