I want to allow the user to open another session in a new window via a hyperlink or button. Effectively the user can open a full customer detail screen in a new tab. So coming from the "first screen" I also need to pass in this example the customer ID. I know I can do this via a bookmark like


If I use api_application.run it opens the app in a new window. Not what I was hoping for.

Could you also clarify the parameters:

in_desktoppath_tx - Path of source (swing client ) When would I use this and how

in_browserwindowname_tx - The window name in browser - Just the name of window? Sofar only sets title of window to URL.

in_keepsession_yn - Runs new application in same session. By this way applications can communicate via session variables with each other. If I set this to ‘Y’ window freezes.

If I use a hyperlink it does open in a new tab.

I am not that keen to pass parameters in URLs. I guess I could "scramble" the customerid parameter and pass some sort of token too, but if the "in_keepsession_yn" would work I can use session variables.

asked 08 Sep '14, 08:01

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Hi Raymond,

Check the allow popups check box in the action that runs api_application.run . This will enable your new app to open in a new tab as opposed to a window.

Ignore in_desktoppath_tx. We should mark this as deprecated.

in_browserwindowname_tx: Yes just the name of the browser window. Mostly just use _blank as the name. This opens a new tab always. If you give a specific name the tab will be reloaded every time you run the api_application.run.

I haven't look at the in_keepinsession_yn issue yet.

Kind Regards,


answered 10 Sep '14, 07:28

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Raymond,

There is an issue in the api_application.run. If in_keepsession_yn is set to Y and you attempt to open the same application, it raises an e_applicationAlreadyOpen exception. There is a bug which prevents this exception from showing up on the screen. Besides that though, Formspider doesn't allow having two instances of an application open in the same web session. I can see why this choice was made back in the day. I opened a case internally to look into the feasibility of allowing two instances of the same application open in the same web session.

For now, you can either set in_keepSession_yn to N and open the same app or create a different application and set the input parameter to Y.

Kind Regards,

(10 Sep '14, 10:35) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Ok thanks Yalim. I will figure something out.

(11 Sep '14, 09:29) Raymond
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