Hi Team,

When you define a textarea in a grid and enter text with carriage returns it removes all extra spaces and carriage returns upon a save to the database. Very clever for space optimisation, but not the behaviour I am looking for. ;-) It occurs in all browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome). It is only in a grid. Textarea as a field does not do the magicians trick.

asked 27 Aug '14, 05:03

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Hi Raymond,

Yes, this is a bug. I can think of three workarounds:

1) In the Grid, Don't display a text area. Display a textField with a button next to it which opens up a dialog with a textArea in it that shows the entire text.

2) In the grid, display nothing. Instead put a big textArea outside the Grid but tied to the same datasource column. The textArea shows the content for the selected row in the Grid only.

3) Instead of a Varchar2 data type use a CLOB data type. The original column data type in the table can remain Varchar2. Either convert the data type of the column to a CLOB in a view, or in the data source definition by giving it a domain of data type CLOB.

I like 3) but I initially had problems with this workaround. After I applied the change and ran the app, it got stuck when I updated the data in the textarea and committed the change. But for some reason, the problem went away by itself while I was tracking it down. I have no idea why. So hopefully it works for you without any issues.

Kind Regards,


answered 11 Sep '14, 06:37

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Thanks Yalim, I used to have option 2, but people did not like it. Option 3 I will give a go. If I get unpredicted behaviour I will wait for version 1.8.1 with all the bugs fixed ;-).

(11 Sep '14, 09:23) Raymond
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