I have a textfield in which I would like to enter only uppercase.

How can i do it?


asked 07 Jul '12, 00:36

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Hi Pol,

You can use formattedField component with its format attribute. If you use format "UUU" users characters are converted to uppercase and it enforces user to enter 3 characters only. Does it solves your problem?

PS. If you dont want to enforce users to enter 3 characters, we can add this feature to the framework.


answered 07 Jul '12, 02:52

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Ugur Kocak ♦
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Sorry, I do not know where i can define formattedField attribute.

The field is free text, the user write comment in it, I supouse i can put 255 'U' in formattedField.


(07 Jul '12, 03:55) Pol

It is a tag, not attribute. You can find it in the component list.

(07 Jul '12, 04:12) Ugur Kocak ♦

ok, i understand, but my field y from table and when retrieve data in this formattedfield i can not see data. I write and i have uppercase but when i pass to another field that i wrote it desappear.

(07 Jul '12, 04:48) Pol

That's because formattedField allows only strict intputs as defined in the format. i.e. if format="UUU" than your input must be 3 upperCase letters otherwise it will clear on blur. It seems formattedField is not suitable for your issue here and currently there is no way to do it on Formspider.

(07 Jul '12, 16:03) oskansavli ♦♦

Hi Pol, we decided to implement this feature. it is scheduled in the version "1.2".

(09 Jul '12, 03:22) Ugur Kocak ♦

Hi Pol,

Since version 1.2, you can use the "Case Transform" property of domains to make user entered text in UI components uppercase or lowercase automatically.

In your case, create a new domain, select "VARCHAR2" as datatype and "Uppercase" as "Case Transform". Then, use this domain in your textField to transform entered text automatically to uppercase.

Regards, Ibrahim

(21 Dec '12, 10:23) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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for case transform property we need to fixed length for domain variable its ok for single column , but if you are having more column or all columns on panel has to be upper case only . how to overcome this

Regards Avinash


answered 14 Dec '16, 04:06

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Hi Avinash,

I did not understand the question. Can't you assign a domain with case transform property to all fields in the panel? What am I missing?

Kind Regards, Yalim

(14 Dec '16, 18:43) Yalim ♦♦

Hi we cant assign single domain with upper case property as common to all varchar fields ,we need to define length of domain (which overrides database length), so single domain is not possible for multiple columns (case transform upper/lower) , correct me if i wrong ? Also we r not providing Initcap in case transform.

Regards Avinash


answered 15 Dec '16, 00:02

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