Hello everybody,

I've created a datasource definition called "dsdData" which has a datasource "dsdData1". Then I created a LOV called "lovData", the latter depends on "dsdData1".

In the main panel I have the necessary fields to modify a record from the table used in "dsdData". The code of one of them is as follows:

<textField name="txtCodArgumento">
        <targetOf LOV="lovData" column="TBLCODARG"/>

In this same panel I've created a Save button to commit the changes applied in the main panel.

If I use the datasource and column parameters in the textField, when I load the LOV, the main panel automatically shows the first row from the LOV, which is not so pretty.

As for now I'm saving the record by extracting field by field in a stored procedure, I was wondering if there's any way or if I'm missing something to just use the doCommit without showing the first row from the LOV.

Thank you for the great support,


asked 07 Aug '14, 19:00

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Hi Freddy,

You should bind your textField to a datasource that is based on a datasource definition which is in turn based on the table (or view) that you want to commit your changes to.

The tutorial 22 explains how to use an LOV. But your issue is not LOV related. If there wasn't an LOV but a simple textField, you still couldn't use doCommit.

I'd go over the first few tutorials again or look at how we bound the components in the reference application.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 07 Aug '14, 21:55

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