Hello Everyone,

I've read posts about this topic before posting. I think my situation might be a bit different.

The current database I'm working in has a scheme called "sisadmin" which contains all tables and is the database administration user. I was asked to work using a different scheme (one not as sensitive as sisadmin) which I called "fsuser". I'm unable to create a table based datasource definition. On the datasource wizard, looking at the titled panel "Based On" I can't find the table I'm trying to use, in spite I've given full access to "fsuser" to access the table in question.

I will insert, update and delete using procedures, but this task would simplify if I could use a table based datasource definition.

Is this implemented in the future? or how would you recommend I develop a formspider application?

Thanks in advance,


asked 30 Jul '14, 17:56

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Freddy Shima...
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Hi Freddy,

I would create a view in the fsuser schema that accesses the table in the sisadmin schema. (possibly with instead of triggers to update the table as well)

I always use a view with instead of trigger for all my screens. Just my 2c.

Good luck, Michiel A.


answered 31 Jul '14, 15:39

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Michiel A
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Hello Michiel,

Thanks for your quick reply. I created a view against the desired table, but I don't get the insert, update and delete options on the datasource definition wizard. I guess this happens since views are only intended for queries.

The reason why I wanted to create a table based datasource is to be able to use the following:


To insert or update.

Isn't there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,



answered 01 Aug '14, 15:22

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Hi Freddy,

In the datasource creation wizard, you must specify the primary key column after you specified the view you want to base the datasource on. Once you have done that, the insert/update/delete options are available.

For the insert/update to work you must have an implicitely updatable view, or use instead-of triggers on the view to handle your dml inserts/updates.

Good luck, Michiel

(01 Aug '14, 17:41) Michiel A

Hello Michiel,

I didn't know that functionality when it came to view based datasource definitions, thanks for that. As I'm trying to use this functionality, I realized that the "Primary Key" field only takes one field as a "Primary Key" what if my primary key is made out of 2 or even 3 fields?

Thanks for the replies,


(04 Aug '14, 18:59) Freddy Shima...

Hi Freddy,

If your primary key is made of multiple fields, you can concatenate the PK in your table in one column in the view. You can find more details about this topic in the following post:



(05 Aug '14, 05:50) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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