Hello Team,

During runtime I've got the next error:

ERROR :  BDF_ResponseDispatcher.executeActions RefreshDataSource r[(k + 1)] is undefined 623

Could you, please, explain this error?

Env: Formspider 1.7 / Oracle 10g / Windows 2003

Thanks in advance,


asked 20 Jun '14, 10:08

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Andrew Pouck...
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Hi Andrew,

We couldn't reproduce the issue. Would you please describe the issue in more detail. For example, when did see the error? what were you trying to achieve? Do you know which API call causes the issue? and what is your browser version? Any more information would be very helpful.



answered 23 Jun '14, 10:00

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Serdar ♦♦
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Hi Andrew,

If you could create an small application which shows the error and send it to us that would be the best.

Kind Regards,

(23 Jun '14, 10:02) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Hello Yalim,

Error above occurs in the Firefox 30.0.

In MS IE 8.0:

ERROR :  BDF_ResponseDispatcher.executeActions RefreshDataSource 'offsetTop' -  есть null или не является объектом undefined (is null or is undefined)
ERROR :  BDF_ResponseDispatcher.executeActions SetCurrentRow Объект не поддерживает это свойство или метод undefined (... Object doesn't support this property or method is undefined)

Unfortunatelly, it's a bit difficult to reproduce this error in a simple app.

We use api_session in a complex view to filter date range (begin-end) like the next:

-- before DS populating:
api_session.add('BEG_DT', date '2014-06-01');
api_session.add('END_DT', date '2014-06-20');


with D_PRM
( select api_session.getValueDt( 'BEG_DT') beg_dt
       , api_session.getValueDt( 'END_DT') end_dt
    from dual
select *
  from complex_view vw
  cross join D_PRM
 where vw.crt_dt between D_PRM.beg_dt and D_PRM.end_dt

And for some ranges this error occurs, but in some cases we've got this error.

Best regards, 

answered 24 Jun '14, 05:15

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Andrew Pouck...
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edited 24 Jun '14, 05:16

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