Is it posible to have and manipulate with no datasource based grid columns (lookup fields for example, or calculated fields).

I have a grid, with hiden foreign-key ID field, and two lookup fields: non datasource CODE (updateable) field of FK table, and NAME field of the same FK table. I'm changing the FK ID hiden field through CODE filed and I have to have it set by the post-pre-query (somehow) of the data source query process. The Formspider don't have updateable query and the updatable VIEW is not posible due to outern join to the FK. In fact, it's selfconnectin table (organization units) with parent-child-subchild structure

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Hi Dusan,

If I understand you correctly, what you are trying to achieve should be possible. I would create a Database View and write Instead of Update, Insert, Delete Triggers for the View to make it updateable. This way you can handle all the necessary DML in these triggers.

Hope this helps,

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Thx, it works for now

(09 Jun '14, 08:52) ddjuric
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