Hello Formspider team,

Currently I have a production database server which replicates its data by using a third party software. This allows us to have a exact copy from the production database server in a backup database server. When the production server goes down for any reason, we use the backup server as the new production server.

What happens if I install formspider in the production database server? Will I need to do any extra step when I activate the backup database server? I imagine (because I can't figure it out yet) that the license activation is done at database level.

Thanks in advance,


asked 05 Jun '14, 18:03

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Freddy Shima...
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Hi Freddy,

Formspider run-time is free. The license only restricts the use of the IDE. So there isn't really anything you need to do in the backup database. If you want to be able use the IDE in the backupdatabase, you can install the license to the backup database as well.

Kind Regards,


answered 06 Jun '14, 07:05

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hello Yalim,

Thanks for replying. I understand the run-time is free and let's say I want to install the license for the IDE, I would have to run a script in the production database to install the license for my user. This means the installation will automatically replicate to the backup database as well, this is the backup software default behavior. Will this behavior cause any conflicts when I try to install the IDE license in the backup database server?

Thanks for the great support,

Freddy Shimabukuro

(06 Jun '14, 10:22) Freddy Shima...

Hi Freddy,

No, what you described will not cause any problems.

Kind Regards,

(06 Jun '14, 10:26) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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