Hey Guys, I am having a few questions regarding the accordionpanel 1. if I put an accordion panel in a cell of a row which has a heightPolicy=Dynamic the accordionpanel will not expand. I need to not specify anything for the height of the row. 2. what do you need to specify for heightAllocationPolicy for an accordionpanel or is this a nonworking attribute 3. what do you need to do to make it behave nicely if it is not in the last row of a table layout

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Running with the debugger it shows that collapse or expand an accordion does not trigger an event. So defining event expanded or collapsed will never be executed? What gives?

(22 May '14, 03:57) Raymond

Hi Raymond,

  1. Unfortunately, the heightPolicy=Dynamic usage is not supported for a row containing an accordionPanel.
  2. heightAllocationPolicy is the height percentage which will be used by the last expanded accordion. For instance, imagine that an accordion panel's height is 200px, heightAllocationPolicy=80 and 3 accordions are currently expanded. When you expand a new accordion, its height will be 160px since heightAllocationPolicy=80. If you don't specify the heightAllocationPolicy, the accordion panel's height will be shared equally by all expanded accordions, meaning that, in the previous example, the height of the newly expanded accordion would be 50px.
  3. Can you please give more details? Perhaps setting an accordion as expanded="Y" in designtime can be what you are looking for.
  4. The expanded and collapsed events seem to work as expected to me. Are you experiencing a problem with these events? If so, can you specify your usecase and the browser you are using?



answered 29 May '14, 08:22

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