Hello FormSpider Team,

How can I internationalize an element of a tree? If I use the standard tags: #{}, at runtime it shows the tags, not the translated text. The same method works for tab titles, text labels etc.

How should I use it for an element of a tree?

Thanks in advance,


asked 20 May '14, 13:09

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Hi Moszab,

The multilingual key syntax is not supported in tree. Instead you can retrieve the key value in your datasource definition query using api_application.getMultilingualValue API and this column as the displayColumn of your tree.

Hope this helps,


answered 20 May '14, 14:59

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Hi Ibrahim,

Thank you for the fast response. Unfortunately the solution does not work for me. If I put the api_application.getMultilingualValue API in my datasource definition query, the tree will be empty.

The multilingual key exists. Using the getMultilingualValue method with the same key in a separate stored procedure works.

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,


(21 May '14, 02:48) moszab

Hi Ibrahim,

Sorry, it was my fault. There were some records in the table, which had no key. I filled up all records with existing keys and now it works :)

Could you please recommend a solution for refreshing the tree elements when I change the language at runtime?

Thanks in advance,


(21 May '14, 03:12) moszab

Hi Moszab,

To refresh tree elements, you can loop through tree nodes using c_treeins cursor existing in api_tree package and new display for each node:

  for rec in api_tree.c_treeins(api_tree.getid('mainPanel.tree')) loop
    api_treenode.setdisplay('mainPanel.tree', rec.nodekey_tx, 'New display');
  end loop;

Hope this helps,

(21 May '14, 15:04) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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