When setting up the splitpanel you specify the dividerlocation as an absolute width size for example 200. But the api lets you only specify a percentage. This seems not very consistent to me. Is there a way you can find out if it is collapsed and is there any other api call to collapse/expand?

asked 19 May '14, 23:07

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Hi Raymond,

Unfortunately, there is not an API to collapse/expand splitPanel or get its state.



answered 20 May '14, 15:46

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I think the API documentation is not correct. It says that api_panel.getdividerlocation / api_panel.setdividerlocation is a percentage of the split panel. As far as I can tell it is actually a pixel width.

For anyone interested here is how I solved the collapse/expand. - add during your application initialization a session variabe with the default width.


  • add a button in your application on a panel
  • create action toggleMenuWidth for event buttonPress

procedure toggle_menu_width is l_width number; begin l_width := api_session.getvaluenr('menu_width'); if l_width != 0 then api_panel.setdividerlocation('mainSplitPanel',0); api_session.add('menu_width',0); else api_panel.setdividerlocation('mainSplitPanel',226); api_session.add('menu_width',226); end if; end;


answered 21 May '14, 01:53

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