Hello Formspider Team,

I'm sorry if I'm reposting this issue, but my 30 day trial license has past due and this issue importing the application is the only thing that worries me development using Formspider, besides this issue I'm satisfied with all the features. I just want to know if there's a workaround or solution for the following:

I found out something while importing an specific part of the application. I get the following message:

All Formspider Objects are not loaded successfully: ORA-01843: not a valid month

The only component that contains a date or anything related to a month is a datefield which is declared as follows:

<datefield name="dfldFechaNacimiento" dateformat="dd/mm/yyyy"> <targets> <targetof lov="lov110010_DatosGenerales" column="FECHACUMPLEANOS"/> </targets> </datefield> I read in a previous post that one of the scenarios where this error happens is when you have a populated datefield, but in this case, it isn't.

Oh and just in case when I query the date format on the database I get the following format:


Is there anything I can do to solve this? or any workaround?

Thankful in advance,


asked 19 May '14, 13:30

Freddy%20Shimabukuro's gravatar image

Freddy Shima...
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Hi Freddy,

Can you e-mail your application's export XML file to contact[at]theformspider.com? This will make easier for us to investigate and replicate the problem.

Thanks in advance,

(20 May '14, 14:40) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hello Ibrahim,

I'm sorry if I posted the message through the linkedin forum aswell. I'm being a bit pushed to make a decision about the development environment. I will try to only keep an eye on this forum.

I was trying to find the application xml, but I can't find it. My trial version has past due already. Is there any way to retrieve the application xml from the Formspider tomcat folder? or is it lost already?

Once again I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


(22 May '14, 17:14) Freddy Shima...

Hi Freddy,

Not a problem at all. I send necessary information to your e-mail.


(23 May '14, 07:11) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hi Freddy,

We have determined and fixed the problem, the fix will be available in the next version.

The problem is related with the buttonGroup component. As a temporary workaround until the next version, you can remove the buttonGroup named bgrSexo_110010_DatosGenerales and the panel named 110010_pnlDatosGenerales_DatosGenerales (which uses this buttonGroup) from the object list to import and complete your partial import with the remaining components. Then, you have to create the buttonGroup and the panel manually.

Best Regards,


answered 29 May '14, 05:32

Ibrahim%20Sandalli's gravatar image

Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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edited 29 May '14, 05:33


Hi Freddy,

This problem is fixed in version 1.8.0.

Best, Ibrahim

(02 Sep '14, 10:56) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hello Ibrahim,

Good to know and thanks.


(13 Nov '14, 15:39) Freddy Shima...
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