Hello FS team.

We write program with FS. We using oracle db and FS 1.6 and Glassfish 4. I think on this time we get about 200 concurence user. And Oracle DB enterprice manager show very big "Active Sessions Waiting: Application". Parts of sql what waiting : INSERT INTO T_BDF_PANELDTLINS VALUES ... ;DELETE FROM T_BDF_PANELDTLINS WHERE .. ; INSERT INTO T_BDF_APPLICATIONSESSION ; .and more ...

Where can bet problems? Server have 12 CPU and 40GB RAM ?


asked 29 Apr '14, 14:08

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We solve this problem. Create 2 index: CREATE INDEX idx$$_0da40001 ON t_bdf_panelins ( bdf_dbobjectaccess_oid ASC )

CREATE INDEX idx$$_0da70001 ON t_bdf_windoworder ( bdf_applicationsession_oid ASC, visible_yn ASC )

And we find problem in procedure bdf_delete_oldsessions (never delete oldsessions). After these changes oracle working perfectly, working about 600-800 concurence users.


answered 20 May '14, 09:29

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Great. Happy to hear that the problem is resolved. Thank you for sharing the solution with the community members. It would be great if you could accept your answer as the official correct solution.

(20 May '14, 09:51) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Hello AlfAbetas,

could you please let me know how did you updated a bdf_delete_oldsessions procedure?

We are facing a problem with a very slow performance, so trying to identify what could cause a problem.

(20 May '15, 04:55) Tomeo

Hi Tomeo,

First create all index for all refereces on Formspider schema. Try this script

select 'create index '||c.constraint_name||'_I on '||c.table_name||'('||column_name||');' from user_cons_columns cc ,user_constraints c where constraint_type='R' and c.constraint_name=cc.constraint_name and not exists(select 1 from user_ind_columns ic ,user_indexes i where i.table_name=c.table_name and ic.table_name=i.table_name and cc.column_name=ic.column_name and cc.position=ic.column_position ) /

bdf_delete_oldsessions procedure delete old session information.

Give me your email, i try find procedure source and send for you

(20 May '15, 09:40) AlfAbetas

That your server has 12 CPUs and 40GB of RAM means unfortunately nothing. You need to tell us how your Oracle instance is configured. A listing from v$parameters would be a starting point. Running in archive mode or not (assume you are) size of redo logs and what other applications are running against same database. Switch rate of redo logs. There are so many things which can influence wait states. We are on FS 1.7 and Glassfish 4. We have done some volume testing with a load testing tool and have no issues with 800 active users. Considering the statelessness of Formspider you can expect a higher commit rate which could lead to some higher than usual wait states. But there are many things which will influence your application performance.


answered 29 Apr '14, 21:06

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Raymond: Could you please share with me your key db instance settings?

(20 May '15, 04:56) Tomeo

Hi AlfBetas,

As Raymond said, it's very difficult to make a comment based on the information you provided.

What is the actual problem you are trying to solve? Enterprise Manager showing very big active session waiting numbers is not a problem by itself. It's just a metric.

Do you mean to say that your application is running slowly? If so, is it a general sluggishness or is there a particular use case that is slow?

The term concurrent user is also used to mean different things by different people. Do you mean to say you have 200 logged in users? Or do you mean to say you have 200 different threads (each belonging to a user) being processed by the database at the same time? (the latter would mean A LOT of logged in users)

Kind Regards,


answered 30 Apr '14, 06:39

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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