I have a strange issue I can't resolve. I have field which is defined as text area. The field is 4 lines high. When I run the app it does not allow me to enter a carriage return (new line) and I can only type on one line with word wrap. It works ok in preview mode. If I make the field just a field instead of a column of a datasource, it works ok. I made the database column is varchar2(3000). Please help.

asked 28 Apr '14, 20:51

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One more thing: in the SRDEMO things work fine, so it is not that I run on a Mac.

(28 Apr '14, 20:53) Raymond

Update: - It effects editing datasources for example: I could not enter a newline in the where clause field for example. - It is a problem in Mozilla Firefox V28. Now I could not tell you if this is a V28 problem or something to do with ext-js/formspider specific handling of "mozilla" things.

(29 Apr '14, 02:07) Raymond

Update 2: Firefox V29 has the same problem. :-(. APEX Application with textarea fields works fine. Sorry. It seems to point to an issue with ext-js/formspider. What I do notice is that the TextArea field gets an yellow/brown border colour instead of the blue border colour when the field gets focus. Maybe that helps.

(29 Apr '14, 02:18) Raymond

Hi Raymond,

Thank you for reporting the problem.

I confirmed that there is an issue with Firefox V28-29 both on Windows and Mac. Comparison to APEX (or any other tool for that matter) is not fair because there are a thousand different things that effect how a UI components behaves. We apparently did one of those things which triggers a bug in Firefox.

We'll release a patch for this issue.

Kind Regards,


answered 29 Apr '14, 02:25

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hi Yalim, I only tested with APEX to see if it was a pure Firefox problem or Formspider issue. I do appreciate there are many many differences and it is by no means a comparison. Just a way of trying to isolate the problem.

(29 Apr '14, 02:30) Raymond

Hi Raymond,

I understand. No problem. I just wanted to give some guidance to future readers of the thread. :-)

Kind Regards,

(29 Apr '14, 02:32) Yalim ♦♦
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