Hello again,

I'm testing Formspider by building an application to be similar to the one the company already has built in Oracle Forms. I posted a related question before and it was kindly answered. I posted a different question because I think this is a different situation.

Basically I have a main menu on the left of the screen, which allows me to access many panels, which are displayed on the right side of the screen within a tabbedpanel.

I'm designing a dialog that should be opened by all the panels that are going to be opened on this right side of the window. This dialog is used to search for people. So far I have done the following:

  • Allow all panels call the dialog.
  • The dialog can write to an specific component (such as a textField) of a panel, if I can build the panel name through a string.

What I can't do:

  • Find a way for any panel to detect when the dialog has found a person, so this panel can populate itself by triggering another different action.

I'm not using a textField linked to a datasource, because then it would populate the textFields from all the panels that have a textField linked to the datasource.

Is there any way to do this? or should I change my design?

Thankful in advance,


asked 25 Apr '14, 15:32

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I was thinking about using the "Pre Apply Delta" event.

Or maybe just using the hide event from the same dialog hardcoding what this event should do per panel.

The last option (and so far what seems easier to do) is to build a person search dialog per invoking button, this would result in copying and pasting the same code across the whole application.

Any other ideas?

Thankful in Advance,



answered 28 Apr '14, 12:15

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