Hi Team What is the recommended way of removing old session variables. Yes a "logout" is the logical place, but the reality hardly any user will use that and just close their browser tab/window. Do I write a job to daily or weekly go through the t_bdf_websession and delete applicable records from t_bdf_session,t_bdf_sessionitem and t_bdf_websessionlog?

asked 25 Apr '14, 01:30

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Hi Raymond,

Formspider already handles this maintenance. When it's installed, Formspider automatically creates 2 daily jobs, you can find these jobs with the following query:

select * from dba_jobs where schema_user='yourFormspiderUser'

The job which calls the BDF_DELETE_OLDSESSIONS; procedure deletes all sessions data (session variables and other session specific data held in db tables) which are not accessed since 24 hours or which are timed out (if a Session Timeout value is defined for the application).

The job which calls the BDF_DELETE_DIRTYOBJECTS; procedure has an internal maintenance role, it deletes all db objects created once by Formspider (DS_ packages, DSI_ tables..etc) but not needed anymore.

Hope this helps,


answered 25 Apr '14, 06:56

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Thanks Ibrahim. Great one thing less to worry about.

(25 Apr '14, 19:35) Raymond
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