Hello everyone,

I'm testing formspider and so far I see it's a nice tool to work with. Although I'm facing a few difficulties. I want to design a dialog that searches for a person and then allows me to retrieve the found person code in order to use it in any panel.

So far the only way I see to achieve this is by rewriting the dialog for every panel that will use it.

I was thinking about using session variables to store the current panel, so when the dialog closes, it knows which it should write the code to.

Does anyone know any way to achieve this?

Thankful in advance.

Freddy Shimabukuro

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asked 23 Apr '14, 16:48

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Hi Freddy,

Thank you for your kind words about Formspider.

There are several ways to achieve your request:

1- Every time you change the current panel via an API call, you can add an additional code fragment to store the new current panel in a session variable.

2- You can use api_panel.getCellContent (or api_frame.getCellContent) API to retrieve the name of the child panel contained in a given cell. This way, you can retrieve the name of the current panel by providing the name of the parent panel and cell where you add the current panel.

3- If you open the dialog by pressing to a button existing in the current panel, you can use api_application.getEvent API to retrieve the name of the clicked button component in panelNameDotComponentName format. You can use this value to retrieve the panel name.

Hope this helps,


answered 24 Apr '14, 07:11

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Hello Ibrahim,

Thanks for your quick reply.

It's good to have different options to obtain a panel name.

It does help.



answered 24 Apr '14, 11:09

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