Dear all,

Following is the sequence of my application opening process:

  1. On running the application, call the login screen.
  2. If login is successful then call an LOV which list the company and cost center the user is authorized to work with. Here the user makes his choice and exits the LOV.
  3. When LOV is exited a procedure called LOGIN_LOV_FINISHED is called. Here session variables are set based on user selection in step 2 above. Further user menu is called and thus the login process is complete. Each user has his separate menu based on userid and company selection at step 2 above.

My problem is that my user menu panel is initialized before my login screen is called and even before my application pre_open trigger is fired. As a result I am not able to apply the login preferences to the user menu. My mainPanel is called from mainFrame window. The mainPanel calls login panel named CM_LOGIN. My mainPanel is:

    <cell docking="Center" name="cell_center">
      <include panelName="CM_LOGIN"/>

When the login is finished a procedure is called which in turn calls the LOV where the user selects the company. Upon finishing this LOV a procedure is called which in turn shows the menu with the following command : `

api_panel.replacepanel('mainPanel', 'CM_LOGIN', 'CM_MENU');`

This is only place my menu is called. My initial login panel or mainPanel has no reference to it. Now, even if I comment the above script still the menu panel is initialized though I never make a call to the panel. If I comment it, the menu is not displayed, but still it is being initialized.

Can somebody help me to solve this issue. I want the manu panels to be initialized only after the login screen is called and then the LOV is called and exited.

With regards.


asked 19 Apr '14, 22:44

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Hi George,

A Panel may be initialzed in runtime when 1. It is referenced by an API 2. One of its parent panels is initialized. 3. One of its child panels is initialized.

In general, you should not worry about this when building applications. You should use Formspider security repository to set access privileges. You can modify the content of a panel at any point via API's regardless if it is initialized or not.

Kind Regards,


answered 22 Apr '14, 08:44

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