Hi formspider team,

Following is a procedure I used to test for focus lost issue. I have a simple one button alert. If I issue a single command, api_alert.show('ALERT1'), I lose focus and the blinking cursor. Therefore I tried to get the grid focused item first and after issuing api_alert.show command tried to request focus back to the same item. Still it did not work. However, if I take focus to another grid item the blinking cursor and focus returns back. Again while I am still in CM_SEG_GRID.PROMPT1 and call this procedure again my focus is lost. I am calling the procedure through a key event and not through a button.

  PROCEDURE testalert IS
      l_item  varchar2(200);
      l_item   := api_application.getfocusedcomponent('Y');


My humble request is to kindly do something about the bugs. I am after this issue for a long time. I spent more time in debugging than developing. I cannot point out a bug until that issue is tested thoroughly considering all the possibilities which is very time consuming. When a problem is found, I test it in the system under development. If the problem persists then I need to make a test system where I retest it. Then only the issue is brought to your notice. As a result I am not able to progress much in my development and feel disappointed as I am not able to meet the targets.

If you have a list of known issues kindly let me know as I can avoid debugging them and save some time.

With regards,


asked 06 Apr '14, 04:09

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Hi George,

I am sorry to hear that this issue is slowing you down. We do our best to fix bugs in the system and I created a ticket for this issue as well.

In general below is an explanation about how we work and approach these kind of issues. This approach is not unique to us. Every small (even mid size) development tool vendor pretty much uses this exact or a similar version of this workflow.

Formspider is sold as is. We release a new X.X version every 3-6 months. We provide upgrade scripts to customers that have a valid upgrade subscription. (The purchase includes 1 year of free upgrades.)

Professional support customers get access to X.X.X and X.X.X.X releases of Formspider.

Besides the roadmap we announced, we prioritize issues in the following order:

1) Tickets from professional support customers 2) Requests from customers 3) Feedback from the community

We do provide delivery dates and timelines for tickets opened by pro support customers. We do not (and cannot afford to) do the same for the other groups.

This approach helps us to stay as a viable company which benefits every customer. It also helps our customers to engage with us at a level that they are comfortable with. Some are happy with asking question on the Q&A site and get upgrades every 3-6 months. Some want better service (such as remote desktop connection, sample application development for a particuler use case etc...), quicker turnaround and priority for their issues.

As everything in life both choices have pros and cons. If the customers wants priority and influence on what we work on next, it's a bit more expensive than purchasing a license. If the customer is along for the ride, that's perfectly fine (most customers are in this bucket), but he has to wait for the upgrades and has less influence what is included in each upgrade.

We think this is a fair system that's been widely used and accepted by the software community. It ensures our sustainability so that we continue creating value for our customers.

Kind Regards,


answered 07 Apr '14, 03:17

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

Thank you for letting me know about the Pro. support. I have no problem taking it. But before that I need to complete my conversion and start selling the finished product. If I find that people are taking it I have no problem going for pro.support.

With regards.


(07 Apr '14, 05:57) grajan777
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