I thought I will share some of the naming standards that I came up with, as I see long term sustainability comes with Standards. I am seeking expert's input into this. Here it goes -

 1. I come up with a 2 CHAR abbreviation for EACH application that I am going to develop. 
(For example: I started with a "Timsheet Application" and I thought TS is a good abbreviation for that).  The name of EACH Component of that application (including the name of the Application itself) will have the prefix of TS.

2. Name of each component ends with a SUFFIX to indicate the TYPE of the component. Here is the list.

Prefix for the name of any Component - 2 charactors that indicate the name of the Application
Any "Application" name  Suffix  AN
Window - It is NOT possible to have MORE than one Window in one Application Suffix  WD
Frame   Suffix  FR
Dialogue    Suffix  DG
Panel - Accordion   Suffix  AL
Panel - Simple  Suffix  ML
Panel - Split   Suffix  SL
Panel - Tabbed  Suffix  TL
Grid    Suffix  GR
Data source Suffix  DS
Domain  Suffix  DM
List of Values  Suffix  LV
Timer   Suffix  TM
Language    Suffix  LN
Alert   Suffix  AT
Action  Suffix  AC
List    Suffix  LS
Text field  Suffix  TI
Label/Display Item  Suffix  DI
Combo box   Suffix  CM
Radio Group Suffix  RG
Radio Button    Suffix  RB
Checkbox Group  Suffix  CG
Checkbox    Suffix  CK
Chart   Suffix  CT
File upload Suffix  FU
Calendar    Suffix  CN
Button  Suffix  BN
Box Suffix  BX
Image   Suffix  IM
Hyperlink   Suffix  HK
Menu    Suffix  MN
Menu Item   Suffix  MI
Table   Suffix  TA
Row Suffix  RO
Cell    Suffix  CL

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