Dear formspider team,

I was trying to validate a column using valueChanged and focusGain events. The logic applied is very simple.

  1. The user enters a value and tries to leave the column being validated.
  2. The valueChanged event is invoked that calls a procedure.
  3. The procedure validates the column and if failed goes back to the same column using focusGain.
  4. Here if the user tries to leave the column again without changing the data the valueChanged event is not invoked but formspider invokes the focusLost event.
  5. In the procedure associated with focusLost event a focusGain event called that takes the control back to the column being validated because validation is still pending.
  6. Here, if the user repeatedly presses the tab key the control leaves the validating column though the focusGain event is repeatedly called from the focusLost event procedure.
  7. And ultimately the validation fails.

This problem occurs basically because focusLost event always takes the control to the next column. In my opinion the focusLost event should invoke the associated procedure as soon as focus is lost and do nothing else.

Can you kindly help me to overcome this problem so that I can successfully do column validation? Or if there is another solution kindly let me know.

With regards,


asked 03 Apr '14, 02:00

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Dear formspider team, please let me know whether above ticket is resolve . as my requirement is same as above.

Regards Avinash


answered 14 Jul '16, 03:37

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Mee too. The biggest PITA with oracle forms is that there is no decent validation like "when the USER changed anything and TRIES to leave the field by ANY means (up/down-key, scrolling, pagination, mouse click) call me and ask for persmission, but not on any field value change I coded programmatically" (any of my messing with fields in post-query must NOT set record state to changed!)
That includes setting fields to NULL. None of ORACLE*Forms triggers like next-item, post-change, post-field, when-validate can accomplish that simple task.

We all were hoping Formspider would fix that shortcomming!

Dear Yalim! You answered similary around FS 1.8 when people wanted to code a true "validate by LOV", one that actually catches the user in the field until he enter a correct value or reverts his changes by Strg-Z.
Your reference to "modern applications" is exactly the same - I must say rather lame - excuse as was ORACLE's APEX "suggestion" not to desire master-detail-detail-detail because it would "be not modern", when in reality both FormSpider (focus-catching) and APEX (m-d-d-d ) simply are not up to par with good old ORACLE*Forms in the respective case!

"Modern Applications" validating on page level are maybe cheaper to code for the developer (thats why you see more and more of them, cost cutting by degrading quality) and are definitely cheaper to code for your Formspider team, but are a real pain in the back to use! Just think about those PHP-web data entry forms that let you enter a zillion fileds w/o validating and have you hit OK/SAVE dozens of times and read an ever different error message for each field where you entered bad data.


I certainly won't go there, my customers would frown at me, requesting old, timely ORACLE*Forms error indication.

Page level validation was stone age usability (remember IBM CICS?) and user unfriendly back when ORACLE*Forms came out. People changing fields, re-hitting send, and start searching for the next field with bad data. That concept didn't get any better since.

Garjan777, me and many others had invested a lot of quality coding in our ORACLE*FORMS applications to alert the user AS SOON AS possible to his errors, not dumping a dozen error messages upon "OK"-click, after letting her fill out all fields wrongly. Maybe a web-entry form for the casual user in some kiosk system, w/o real keyboard can get away with page level validation claiming that "to be modern, mobile style". Serious desktop applications cannot.

Please accept that, as long as FormSpider lacks ORACLEForms type field validation, ORACLEForms coders will not view FormSpider as true successor for serious desktop applications.

SO, please, please do incorporate the following capabilities into formspider soon:

  • field and record level validation for USER-changed data (complete with true focus catching, and Strg-Z revert)
  • true validating-LOVs, with auto popup if user entered data is ambigious, and auto fill in of multiple destination fields when user entered data was incomplete but unique (complete with "focus catching until correct"!)
  • templating, callable modules w/ in-out params, reusable panels, true MDI whatever you call it I have many locations that call very trickly coded item- cusotmer- supplier-lookup modules. In ORACLE Forms they are called with a couple of parameters, returning the results in I cannot code half a dozen identical multi-panel item lookup panel-groups, with duplicate sets of callbacks and keep them in sync. Formspider should start to embrace the very modern and efficient concept of reusable code, if not true MDI.

Sorry, for the lengthy, slightly impatient sounding text, but it's been over two years now that developers in this forum inquire/demand field-level validation callbacks with focus control and keep hearing they should do page level validation.


answered 19 Jul '16, 19:14

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Hi George,

We don't recommend validating on focusLost events. Instead try validating when the user hits the Save (or OK, Yes etc…) button on the screen to commit his changes and display a list of errors (or one at a time ) if there are any. This is the validation mechanism used in modern applications. It creates a much much better user experience than validating every entry on focusLost and trapping the user into one field.

Kind Regards,


answered 03 Apr '14, 02:06

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Yalim ♦♦
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Thanks Yalim,

What you say may be true in a web application form etc. where the user can take his own time most leisurely to fill a form or something. But in a very serious fast data entry situation in a business firm, column by column validation is best as errors committed are immediately caught and corrected. The user is expected to enter dozens of records per minute.

But why don't you give an optional column validation facility for people who want it, thus giving developer complete freedom of choice in validation? (At least stop the focusLost event from taking control to the next column until the related procedure is finished) Further, if the company which installs the program insists for column validation, we cannot just escape by saying that this is the modern trend. Things are not always in the hands of the developers. There are more important decision takers.



(03 Apr '14, 03:02) grajan777

Hi George,

I created a ticket for your request in our issue tracking system.

Kind Regards,

(04 Apr '14, 02:41) Yalim ♦♦

Thank you very much for considering and may God continue to bless you.


(04 Apr '14, 08:19) grajan777
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