Hi all,

I have a small search screen with two grid panels. The top one is a control grid for entering the search criteria with few columns and the bottom one is a data grid for displaying the search data. As soon as a value is changed in a column of the control grid an executequery command is isseued for the data grid. The executequery command is issued from the valuechanged event. When I enter the search criteria in the control grid and press the tab key the focus is taken to the next column and an executequery command is correctly issued and data displayed. But the problem is the blinking cursor is lost (but the focus is not lost) and as a result the user cannot enter data in the next column. The blinking cursor will return back on a mouse click or if tab key is pressed again but the cursor goes to the next column.

I tried various ways to solve it but could not. However, if executequery is not issued in the value changed event everything is OK.



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Hi George, Did you try to call api_component.requestFocus and reset the focus back to the component which should have the focus anyway?

(29 Mar '14, 04:51) Yalim ♦♦

Hi Yalim,

I tried the following as I did not want to bother the formspider team in their important development work:

  1. Request focus. Did not work. But the focus is not lost because the column is still highlighted and further if you press the tab key it goes to next column. Further the lost blinking cursor reappears.

  2. Request focus to another column in another panel and return back to the current column by another request focus. Still nothing happened.

  3. Issued a nextrow and then a previousrow commands. No effect.

  4. Also tried with setcurrentrow command.

  5. Tried in Firefox browser. I am using Chrome.

When I ran out of ideas I came to you.



(29 Mar '14, 08:11) grajan777
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