Hi all, I am facing two problems. What am i looking for is:

1)Adding row to a grid(with no DS). I have this procedure that starts working when a button "Add" pressed.Then a dialog shows up and there are several fields to fill (like this one govPartAddInfoPanel.govName)

procedure addGovInfoToGrid is
    v_govName varchar2(50);
    v_eventName varchar2(50);
    v_eventDate varchar2(50);

Here is a grid:

    <grid scrollBarPolicy="WhenNeeded">
      <column headerLabel="№" width="25">
      <column headerLabel="Name">
        <textLabel name="govGridName"/>
      <column headerLabel="Event name">
      <column headerLabel="Date" width="50">

For the beginning i want to fill in "name" column. It works, but it fills all the rows in a grid column but i need only one value to append to the grid.

2)Is there any possibility to load saved file in FS in order to let user edit previously filled fields and radio-buttons/checkboxes?

asked 24 Mar '14, 18:03

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Hi Smith,

1) Adding row to a grid(with no DS).
Bind a query based dummy datasource to the Grid and populate the datasource using api_datasource.createRow API.

2)Is there any possibility to load saved file in FS?
Yes. Here is a tutorial on how to upload a file.. There is also the api_datasource.importFromFile API which allows the developer upload data from an excel file to a datasource.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 25 Mar '14, 05:29

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Thank you for your answer, I will use this advice!

(29 Mar '14, 12:10) Smith
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