Good morning. I am looking into the Formspider tables to see if there is any table that gives me information about the version of the product, could not find. Any ideas?

Also, are there any data dictionary tables (like oracle dictionary tables), that describes any useful information, such as what are the "Applications I have created using my Formspider" or "Layouts present in an application" etc. Is there a ER diagram around these tables?

I found some tables that starts with VL that gives me some look up data.

asked 24 Mar '14, 10:35

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Hi Viswa,

The tables that you are looking for start with T_BDF_. Unfortunately, we don't have an ERD diagram. The table and column names are fairly descriptive though.

The version information is in BDF_SETUP table.


answered 24 Mar '14, 11:13

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Hi Viswa,

As a Database developer, I understand why you are trying to learn Formspider through the information in the database but this is not how I would learn Formspider.

The information you are looking for, is already most likely available in one of these places: 1. The IDE (possible elements for panel type can be seen from the intellisense of the XML Editor) 2. On the Demo page 3. On the Formspider Learning Center 4. On this Q&A forum.

If you cannot find an answer for your question anywhere, simply ask. :-)

Kind Regards,

(26 Mar '14, 09:59) Yalim ♦♦
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