Hi formspider team,

When one user is editing a document/transaction in a master/detail form no other user should be able to do any modification to that document/transaction. Of course, they can browse through the document but no editing.

We have been able to do it in Oracle forms using the on_lock trigger. The on_lock trigger is called the moment a user tries to edit a document, on the first key press. From this trigger we can lock the document from others editing it.

My request is to kindly provide us with an on_lock trigger or some alternative to avoid multiple users editing the same document concurrently.



asked 24 Mar '14, 02:18

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Hi George,

Forms works stateful i.e. the user is in the same database session while he is working with the form. Formspider works stateless i.e. the user can make use of many different database sessions while interactions with a Formspider application. Therefore we cannot implement the on-lock trigger. (this is also called pessimistic locking)

Instead you can use the concurrency column feature in datasource definition dialog. Pick a column from the base table that always changes when a row is updated, as the concurrency column. This can be a date column that is always updated by a trigger when a row is updated (probably using a trigger) or a column based on a sequence that is always incremented when the row is updated.

When Formspider issues an update it checks the value of this column and compares it to the value it had when Formspider first read the row from the database. If the two values are different, Formspider concludes that the row has been changed by another user and raises an exception.

This is how locking (optimistic locking) is implemented in stateless applications.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 24 Mar '14, 02:34

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

First of all I want to thank you for a quick response which was lately very hard to come from formspider team.

If this is the only solution, I am forced to take it. However, my users will hate this as work done by one user only will be saved while all the other users unknowingly working on the same document will loose their work. In pessimistic locking the user is warned as soon as he starts editing and stops him. As for the users actually this is very optimistic though we call it pessimistic locking.

In the meantime do you have any plan to provide an optional stateful run time?



(24 Mar '14, 02:54) grajan777

Hi George,

We do our best to respond to questions posted to this site but we do not offer an SLA for the questions posted here.

We may provide an optional stateful runtime in the future but unfortunately I cannot provide a timetable for it.

Kind Regards,

(24 Mar '14, 03:09) Yalim ♦♦

Thanks and God bless you and your team.


(24 Mar '14, 03:12) grajan777

Hi Yalim,

I searched for the meaning of SLA and found: Service Level Agreement. I never read the SLA of formspider. But I assume that I can still ask a question and formspider team has the right to never answer it.



(24 Mar '14, 03:30) grajan777
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