What are the possibilities for a real dynamic GUI. The API shows we can add or replace panels, layouts and cells, but not fields. Is it possible to dynamically add fields and change behaviour, such as domain. This is a neccessity for our flexible system, in which we have tables of key/value pairs which are rendered as fields with field specific behaviour, such as domain, validation, lov, subscreen lookups.

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Is this a screen you can build in Oracle Forms? If yes, then you can probably build it in Formspider.

If your question has nothing to do with Forms, Formspider still may be able to support your use case. In order to better understand it, a screenshot, an example or a URL would be very helpful.

We have a component called Grid in which you can display multiple rows. In each row, the field in the same column can behave differently. If you can provide an example we could try to build a sample that implements your requirements.

If Formspider does not support your use case, which means we have not seen it in any system we built (a rare event but still possible), we would just add the functionality to the framework. Every now and then we run into a feature that we don’t have. We simply add it to the framework.


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To complete this thread, you have indicated to me that dynamic GUI changes needs enhancements of the formspider framework.

The needed functionality we use is to change domain, datatype, length, mask, lov, validation at runtime of fields on the screen, also in a grid.


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