The attribute value of a combobox should give me a default value. What value should I assign to this? The value of the display column or valuecolumn. I tried both but it yields nothing. Interestingly the value is displaye in preview mode, but not when I run the application. I have to admit that it is very debatable of usefulness. I have a table with statuses. In its basic form it will be ID Status 1 Opened 2 Closed 3 Investigation 4 Waiting Approval 5 Lodged Now the default is "Opened" with key ID 1. It will always be 1. I am storing these things in tables as I need deal with multiple languages and users can add additional statuses. But they can never remove ID 1. I am open to better suggestions to handle this.

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Hi Raymond,

If the combobox (or any other component) is bound to a datasource column then Formspider ignores the value attribute of the component and uses the datasource column as the value attribute.

Your combobox probably has the column attribute populated, which means that it reads/writes from/to a datasource column. Populate the datasource column the combobox is pointing to with the default value you want and you should be OK.

Kind Regards, Yalim


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Ok I don't quite follow what you mean by "populate the datasource column the combobox is pointing to".

<cell columnspan="2" halign="Full" valign="Full"> <combobox value="Customer" filter="N" displaycolumn="CONTACT_TYPE_NAME" valuecolumn="CONTACT_TYPE_ID" displaynulloption="N" column="CONTACT_TYPE_ID" datasource="Contact1" listdatasource="ContactTypeList1"/> </cell>

(05 Mar '14, 06:17) Raymond

I think I should as how? Which event do I use

(05 Mar '14, 06:25) Raymond

In your example CONTACT_TYPE_ID (column="CONTACT_TYPE_ID") is the datasource column the combobox is pointing to (or bound to).

(06 Mar '14, 04:52) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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