As the box control has no option for rounded corners, what would be a good option to accomplish this. I guess we are lucky that flat design is "in", but not every one likes the flat design. I can come up with something like <row> <cell>left upper corner</cell> <cell>line</cell> <cell>right top corner</cell> </row>

or I can think of a few more ugly ways doing it (background gif, yuk) etc. But that seams like a horrible way of doing it. surely their must be an easier way.

asked 24 Feb '14, 04:31

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Hi Raymond,

You can do it with CSS. Simply put this in your stylesheet:

.bdf-box div { border-radius: 6px; }

and voila, all your text boxes now have rounded edges..

Or you can selectively do it by adding a styleClass to the box you want to have rounded corners, like:

<box borderType="LineBorder" styleClass="my_box_class" />

and then put something like this in your CSS:

.my_box_class div { border-radius: 6px; }

With CSS you can style anything you like in Formspider :-)

Best regards,


answered 27 Feb '14, 15:49

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Michiel A
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Ah of course thanks Michiel. I still have to let go that I am not coding for IE6 anymore too and I can use radius.

(27 Feb '14, 16:44) Raymond
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