Hi, Looking at the demo application I noticed that you basically only add panels. For example on successful login I would expect that you would have to remove the login panels. What happens if you add a panel to a cell which is smaller than the last panel displayed? Does this mean when you add a panel to a cell it hides automatically the last active panel? And if so when would you use the removepanel api call? Are there any performance repercussions?

What is the best approach when designing the application and the panels usage configuration?

Can I assume that when when you remove a panel all included panels are removed as well.

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Hi Raymond,

api_panel.addpanel indeed adds a panel to a cell, and 'removes' to previous content. One thing to keep in mind is that Formspider never actually destroys/removes a panel from memory, the panel is just not visible anymore on screen when it is 'removed'. So using api_panel.removepanel just unlinks the panel from the parent cell, so it is not visible anymore.
When you add the panel again, it will be in the same state it was when you removed it (if you did not clear the panel manually that is). You can use this to your advantage in your app design. You can switch back and forth between panels without losing prior state.. So using api_panel.removepanel only makes sence if you need to remove a panel from the cell, in other words just hiding it.

What happens if you add a panel to a cell which has a different sice then the previous panel depends on your design. If the cell is allowed to size, then it will just resize, otherwise you could set new cell width/height programmatically.

You are correct in your assumption that when you remove a panel, all included panels are removed as well.

Have fun,


answered 24 Feb '14, 03:35

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Michiel A
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Thanks Michiel. I am starting to get ready for the big stuff now. Just making sure I understand all the basics properly. With HTMLDB/APEX I missed/misunderstood/overlooked a few things in the early days (beta 1.0) which resulted me doing some things more convoluted then required. Of course I got it right later as I learned more and improved manuals came out. Just trying not to make the same "mistakes" with Formspider. The demo apps etc are helpful but some of the basic stuff is not explained / documented unfortunately.

(24 Feb '14, 04:09) Raymond
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